The Heralds of Sarenrae


A Holy Order formed by Cirrian Lindomeer, the Heralds of Sarenrae are based out of the recently reclaimed town of Dresen. Originally dedicated to singing the praises of Sarenrae, their primary focus is to heal the land around the town.

To further that cause, Cirrian has indentified a number of the colonists who show particular promise and revere Sarenrae. He has begun to train them so that they may magically cleanse the land as they nurture it mundanely.

After learning of the miracle of his birth, Cirrian returned to Dresen to discover that his followers had begun to revere him as The Herald and were able to draw power from him. Though he is the source of their divine power, he still strongly encourages worship of his mother Sarenrae.

Epithet – The Herald
Domains – Law/Good
Portfolio – Reverence/Redemption
Holy Symbol – Ankh
Favored Weapon – Scimitar

2x Altar – One to Sarenrae and a smaller one to Cirrian
2x Bedroom – One for Haleeta and one for Cirrian
1x Bell Tower – For announcing services
1x Book Repository – Of Knowledge: Religion
1x Bunks – For the trainees and guards
1x Ceremonial Room – For services
1x Courtyard – For drills and training
1x Infirmary – For providing medical care to the citizens of Dresen
1 x Office – For Haleeta
1 x Sanctum – For Cirrian
1 x Statue – Of Sarenrae

78 Goods, 15 (10) Influence, 71 (48) Labor, 10 Magic
3820 gp

75x Members (Cleric 1)
The core membership of the Heralds of Sarenrae originated as humble farmhands and shepherds who impressed Cirrian with their piety. Originally having received only limited training, upon Cirrian’s manifestation of divinity they became full Clerics.

7x Trainees (Fighter 2)
After having been lead by him in battle, several of the freed prisoners grew fond of Cirrian and dedicated themselves to his cause. This small group of Fighters are being trained as Paladins, in hope that they too can assist in the cleansing of the land.

3x Temple Guards (Fighter 2/Paladin 1)
Those who have graduated from their Paladin training watch over the temple of the Heralds and protect it from those who may have come to Dresen for less than noble reasons.

Joseph (Rogue 4)
A reformed thief, Joseph was caught trying to sneak into the temple. Astonished at the mercy he was shown, he quickly turned his life around and began to worship Sarenrae in gratitude. He is now a vocal supporter of the Heralds and can be frequently found on a street corner encouraging those passing by to stop by the temple for healing and teaching.

Grumpy Paladin (Human Paladin 4)
Though at first he resented Cirrian for the lecture he received after complaining around the campfire, he eventually grew to respect his leadership abilities and his willingness to sit and talk with any who needed comforting. Once the Crusader Army was dissolved, Mr. Grumpy Pants sought out Cirrian and offered his service. While he remains dedicated to Iomedae, he is happy to train Cirrian’s recruits in the way of the Paladin.

Lucy and Paul (Human Fighter 2/Paladin 3)
Having been prisoners in Dresen, this married couple was truly grateful to Cirrian and his friends for having reunited them. They took particularly quickly to the way of the divine and became the first of his followers to complete their initial training.

Haleeta (Aasimar Cleric-Evangelist 6)
An old friend of Cirrian’s from their days at the Temple of Sarenrae in Kenabres, she jumped at the chance to travel to Drezen. She was never quite a believer in the prophecy of the Herald of Sarenrae, and was amazed at the transformation that Cirrian had gone through.

Now she works at training the members of the Order in the theology of Sarenrae, with a particular focus on the hymns that she and Cirrian learned as children. She was the first to see in Cirrian the glimmer of divinity.


The Heralds of Sarenrae

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